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Charlotte Maternity Session

This Charlotte maternity session outside was all that I had envisioned. It had been one of those damp grey days. There are so many times in the summer that a storm passes through and afterwards the late sun is breathtaking. You know that gorgeous ball of fire in the sky that makes you pull to the side of the road to grab the quick iPhone pic. Mother nature decided to play nice and handed us that kinda sunset for this maternity session.

Charlotte maternity session late summer sunshine

There! There it is, that warm orange glow that I am constantly stalking!!!

TIME OUT! I could stop here and preach about the “Light of the world.” but I will move on sense we are discussing maternity photos 🙂 This is how my ADD brain works…..squirrel!

maternity photos with mom outside
glowing maternity session in Charlotte NC

As the sun moves in the sky I change the way I am shooting and adjust for the changing light. In the next shot you’ll see I have changed my expecting mom to use the sun light differently.

Harsh direct light outside maternity session

Moody Moody……light helps me create the image in my head. I don’t just walk outside and begin photographing clients. It truly is a thought process. Y’all gotta roll with my ideas even when they seem completely nuts.

even outdoor light maternity session

You can see form the light on the trees I am loosing light quickly. I shoot with a nIkon D5 and mirrorless cameras so no big deal in low light but I am still watching my subject and the light.

My light is all but gone in this last shot. It wasn’t her last shot outside it just means we are jumping back onto the golf cart and moving to a location that is more wide open with less trees.

Why am I telling you all of this about a Charlotte maternity session? Because its not the camera, the location or even the light that makes a great shot. It is the knowledge of knowing how to use all of these things to make that beautiful maternity image.

If you are expecting and would like to chat about a maternity session please reach out. ~B

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