Petite Wrapped Newborn Session $550 | 5 Digital Files | 2 Props | 1 Hr includes wraps, headbands and bonnets.

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PhotographyNic-Cole The Original

Curator of motherhood memories thru Photography & family films


Charlotte's Maternity Photographer


Charlotte's maternity photographer, Nicole Photography, captures the beauty, strength, and emotions of your pregnancy journey through the art of maternity photos. Her goal is to create a personalized and authentic experience that celebrates your unique story and showcases the miracle of motherhood. From the initial consultation to the final image delivery, NicCole pours her creativity into your maternity photoshoot to make it a soulful and meaningful experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Trust NicCole to capture your maternity photoshoot with grace, artistry, and authenticity. She can weave together the threads of your story into a tapestry of images that celebrate the miracle of motherhood and the strength of the feminine spirit. Experience the magic of maternity photos and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and love that will unfold before your eyes and endure in your heart forever.

Studio & Outdoor Pregnancy Photoshoot in one Session

Where the artistry of the studio converges with nature.


Never choose between studio maternity photos and outdoor locations, you can have both in one session with NicCole Photography.We offer a variety of beautiful natural outdoor settings to choose from. Some of our previous expecting mothers favorite spots include tall grasses, the serene pond, our charming outdoor bath and a picturesque new barn coming fall 2024.


Maternity Photography

Creating beautiful visual memories of pregnancy.

Maternity Photos

Starting at $625

mother in white dress and thing kin of baby

Our maternity photoshoots offer expecting mothers the convenience of selecting from 100+ beautiful maternity gowns available in our studio closet. Eliminating the need for gown shopping helps streamline the session and allows mothers to focus on preparing for their newborn.

Newborn Photos

Starting at $550

sleeping baby boy

Our studio has an array of uniquely curated newborn props, alleviating the stress for tired parents who may not have the time or energy to gather items for the photoshoot. This thoughtful touch ensures a seamless and effortless experience, allowing parents to relax and cherish the precious moments with their newborn.

Keepsake Films

Starting at $325

Keepsake family films breathe life into cherished memories of childhood by capturing authentic moments in moving images. Family films preserve connections, allowing you to keep those tiny voices, giggles and kisses forever.

Dont make my mistake....

With only one arrow in my quiver (Psalm 127:4). I was determined to document every moment of his childhood.

I photographed and filmed all the first milestones, the tiny details, his dark curly hair, the funny way he said juice through his pacifier. I could not get enough of him. (Still can't:)

Fast forward 22 years and I get so much joy out of family films and seeing photos of his childhood, BUT guess who's missing from most of those visual memories? ME!

One day he will view these memories with a fresh perspective and his mom isn't there because I was behind the camera.


Realizing my mistake I've made it my mission and passion to not let other mothers be absent from those photos and videos. Let's give your children more than selfies, let's give them beautiful reminders of how much you adore & love every stage of their life, beginning with maternity portraits by including you in those films and photos.



1 Samuel 1:27

" I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him."





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The NicCole effortless


Come with hair and makeup done, I'll do the rest.


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I wanna hear you ideas and motherhood story. We can check my calendar and find a date that works best for you.


Studio or Outdoor Locations?

You actually can have both in one maternity photoshoot. Of course if you prefer only doing one location we can do that.


Choose your gowns

Choosing three gowns from our studio closet means you dont need to spend time shopping and ordering gowns. We have over 100 plus gowns, wings, jewelry, body suits etc..


View & choose your images online

3 days post-shoot, you can choose your photos online from your cozy couch, ice cream in hand! Make your final choices and even purchase more.

Maternity award-NicCOle Photography
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NAPCP Inspired magazine feature

"Brandy (or Niccole - she goes by both) is such a talented Maternity photographer! Brandy was exceptional. "

Jennifer Nguyen

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Quality, Simplicity, and Experience

Newborn Sessions

starting at $550

Maternity Sessions

starting at $625

Short Films & fine art images

starting at $325

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What an incredible honor to have so many publications of my photos. It's still the portraits I deliver to my new parents that make me the happiest!

PhotographyNic-Cole The Original