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Tween Portraits

Tween portraits always leave me feeling tired and excited. Tired because their energy is hard to match and excited because I know there are always amazing images to be edited.

This amazing child is beyond talented in so many ways, I don’t have time to tell you all of them here. She is an amazing cheerleader and spends a considerable amount of time traveling with a team and performing! Cheerleading is a far cry today from what it was in the 90’s at Friday night football game :). Shout out to my DEVIL’s FANS! GO BIG RED! (Ok, moving on!)

Teen portrait session

I am dang sure I wasn’t this cute at her age either. I probably still had cherry juice from my frozen pop running down my face and snuggly teeth????. Ok maybe not that bad but certainly not this cute.

teen standing under curved tree

AND the clothes……. That’s always part of the fun too. I love to see what they bring to wear for their photo sessions and what mom has brought for them to wear. She was spot on in her choice of clothes. I usually tell moms let them be themselves. I like to have them feel comfortable and in return have them photograph well during their session. I always at the end slide in mom’s choice of clothes too, buy this time teens usually don’t mind mom’s choice in wardrobe.

Did I mention I have been so fortunate to know and photograph this doll sense she was a little girl. I am shaking my head at truly how quickly time flies. Our children grow so quickly. This child’s mom has done an amazing job of pulling her family together beautifully and often to have family portraits made.

Charlotte teen images

Of course what teen session wouldn’t be complete without a little SAS!



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