Petite Wrapped Newborn Session $550 | 5 Digital Files | 2 Props | 1 Hr includes wraps, headbands and bonnets.

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Do We Do Posed Newborn Photos?

We do posed newborn photos in our baby solo and family photo sessions. We photograph babies in props and pose them on the table. Posed shots are a clean and timeless look for baby portraits. They never age and can stand the test of time for being displayed in your home.

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Posed Newborn Photos

We pose baby safely with props like miniature beds, buckets and baskets. Using parents hands is also a great way to incorporate interest into newborn photos. During our zoom consult or phone conversation I can get an idea for what type of posed images parents are looking for. Sometimes its hard for parents to actually navigate what type of newborn session they prefer and chatting can help pin point what they truly love when it comes to newborn portraits.

What to wear for family session with baby

What do families wear for newborn photos?

What to wear to a photoshoot is always a great question. For me again the pre-consult is important and helps us get on the same page with what a family is wanting. Some of my top tips for family clothing are:

  • Where are these images going? In an album, on the wall was a large art piece, just a small framed print or online? Well if it’s going in your home you may want to think about your home decor. Matching clothing to look cohesive with your home is important to a final amazing wall art piece. If they are gonna live online I prefer a beige, tan , brown color palette. If they are going in an album to sit on the coffee table the outer color of the album is more important to. I want that to match my home decor so it looks beautiful on my table.
  • I offer an extra bonus service to my clients that gives them access to a super easy wardrobe building site for clothing.
  • Consider the outdoor surroundings. Outdoor colors can clash and preparing ahead of time with a seasoned photographer can help insure your images are amazing.

I’m concerned my toddler will not cooperate for images with baby.

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I adore children. They are their authentic selves and I can appreciate that! We never know exactly what they may be feeling the day of the photo shoot. I can’t guarantee what they may be willing to do either 🙂 BUT……I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that work 99% of the time. One thing I ALWAYS do when I know there is a younger sibling coming for the newborn photoshoot is to always chat with them first and not make a big deal of the new baby until they are ready to tell me about their new brother or sister. Including them as helpers is also another way to break the ice with little folks and make them feel comfortable. I want them to enjoy seeing me each time we are together for photos. In the long run it makes them feel comfortable. This is their newborn journey also and they are a big part of the story.

What’s the cost for a newborn and family photoshoot?

Our newborn photoshoots range in price based on what a family wants. Keep in mind our sessions are inclusive meaning:

  • We include all props, hats, wraps, head bands etc
  • Sessions do come with digital files that you will choose
  • There are options for choosing additional images
  • Images are final and ready for download 28 working days after you choose images
  • Parents can request one newborn image early for announcements and we also have a discount code for those as a special thank you for choosing NicCole.
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How do I choose the correct baby photographer?

Other than making sure you enjoy that newborn photographers style and work. Check google reviews to see how previous clients have felt about their sessions. Do they deliver images on time and have a timeline for what you should expect? How long has she been in business and does she photograph newborns regularly? Having a newborn photographer that photographs babies on the regular will have a posing flow that is comfortable for baby and moves the session along in a timely manner. EX: there is a reason I dont photograph weddings as the norm. I dont know those workflows, I dont know the hero shots, or where I should be placed to get those shots. A photographer who photographs weddings would also struggle with newborn photography.

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