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6 Most Asked Pregnancy Questions

I’ve polled expecting moms here in the studio and ask what their 6 most asked pregnancy questions are and here they are along with what they heard from their Ob-gyn and other CLT moms.

1-Are there any foods I should avoid during pregnancy?

The key point to remember is that you should avoid consuming items that could potentially harbor harmful bacteria and cause illness. Pregnant women are more susceptible to serious consequences from food-borne bacteria, posing risks to both you and your baby. Read more about food-borne illness.

Foods that are considered risky include undercooked or raw meat, fish, and eggs. It is vital to ensure that all food is cooked thoroughly and to practice proper hygiene by washing your hands, knives, and cutting boards after handling raw meat or fish. It is advisable to steer clear of homemade mayonnaise or dressings made with raw eggs and to cook scrambled eggs well.

Be sure and check information about eating local fish from rivers like Lake Norman or Lake Wylie. My guys are fisherman and I see signs posted at the docks about avoid eating more than 1-2 fish a week from lake. The plumbers wife in me also thinks about the water cooler talk of older septic tanks leaking from local fishing cabins and fertilizer from grasses running into the water. Personally during pregnancy I avoided fish.

Take a peek at this Pinterest board for healthy meals and snacks during pregnancy. I also found these foods helpful when I was feeling a bit nauseous, salty crackers, plain rice or noodles, broth and of all things dry cereal.

2-Can I keep exercising during pregnancy ?

If you’re already exercising continuing to exercise is great. Walking, swimming are great ways to stay fit. Of course checking with your OB-GYN to make sure there are no medical conditions that would suggest you shouldn’t exercise. EX: Me being on bedrest after the first trimester.

Of course there are some sports that should be avoided since they are risky. Skiing, off-road cycling, and contact sports like soccer or basketball should probably take a side line to pregnancy. Also avoiding gymnastics, horseback riding, scuba diving, and skydiving are super obvious no-no activities. Bummer because I am a horse girl :). And it’s best to avoid activities where you are lying on your back for more than 10 minutes. Which leads to our next question…

expecting Charlotte mother with horses in late evening light

3- Why does it matter what side I sleep on?

I dont think sleeping on either side is as important as NOT sleeping on your back. Not a problem for me, I have never been able to sleep on my back. Any-who, sleeping on our backs while pregnant puts pressure on the blood vessels that supply blood to the uterus and baby. If you wake up on your back there usually is no need to worry just roll over to your side.

I found one of those maternity pillows super helpful while sleeping and on best rest. The CLT moms that I have seen in the photography studio love this one.

4-How much movement should I feel from baby? When should I feel movement?

We all wonder with our first pregnancy when will we feel baby move? For first time moms it may be 5-6 months before you recognize that was a movement from baby. Generally there is alot of movement after big meals and at night 🙂 Yep about the time you get settled baby starts moving and kicking. If you feel less movement than what you think is normal call your ob-gyn.

4- Do I really have to stop drinking coffee?

Most experts agree it’s safe to drink about one cup of coffee a day—that’s 12 ounces (200 milligrams) of caffeine. Dont forget to count the cups of tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and other caffeine sources when you’re calculating how much you’re taking in.

6-Is it normal to be short of breath?

Yes! Taking the stairs can leave you short of breath when normally you can move up them quickly without missing a beat. What’s not normal is the have chest pains, feeling faint and coughing. If you experience these symptoms reach out to your Dr.

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