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What to Wear for your Newborn’s Photo Session

Knowing what to wear for your newborn’s photo session can be stressful.

What to Wear for your Newborn's Photo Session
Choosing a coordinating color palette is key to a gorgeous newborn family image.

Knowing what to wear for your newborn’s photo session or any photo session can be stressful. Matter of fact I think the clothing can be the hardest part for most parents to pull together. Here at the NicCole, Charlotte portrait studio you don’t need anything for your newborn….so that’s one person ya got covered 🙂 We also have pink blush nursing gowns in our studio wardrobe to help with mom’s clothing.

For example: In the image above mom is wearing a coral peach colored dress while big sister is wearing a soft peachy pink shirt and dad is in a neutral white. I grabbed a wrap that matched mom’s dress for baby and the look is complete.

OK, so what are dad and siblings going to wear? When I photograph newborns and their families it is a bright and airy feel (when we are in the studio) to the images so having clothing that blends well into that scenario is key. Our gowns for mom are styled to blend into that bone colored/ beige setting along with our newborn wraps. So ideally we would want siblings in beige, grey, and /or soft pastels to compliment the surroundings in the image. I never am a huge fan of dressing everyone the same (all white shirts and beige bottoms.) It is super easy to pull that style of clothing together but I prefer keeping the colors monochromatic and mixing it up a bit with textures. The finished image can be absolutely stunning with just a little bit of planning for clothing.

Let me help make the clothing choices even more simple.

Color palette for clothing ideas for  newborn session
These instagram hilite icons are a great representation of the colors I think of for an inside newborn session. FYI you can purchase these icons on Etsy.

Keep the color palette super simple. Stay with two color choices. When I chat with moms about clothing I always suggest she choose a color palette with the base a beige/bone color and add one other color. Start with mom’s outfit first and build everyone else off of mom’s choice. I have a few examples on my Pinterest board that can help you jump start the process.

Another great example of clothing choices for a family and newborn baby photo session.

So in this image above mom has chosen to wear a soft pastel pink gown and had dad wear a beige sweater. In this image I wrapped their daughter in a beige piece of lace and the look was complete. Later I changed baby to a soft pink that matched mom and we got several other precious images of the family.

Again a soft beige palette this time with blues and gray.

The family pictured above decided to be outside of the normal pink for their session and used blue as their second color. I love it and it works beautifully together.

KISS Keep it simple silly 🙂

So in closing lets think about keeping it simple. Heck with a new baby who has time to fuss over clothing, right? SO may I suggest before baby is born pull these clothing options together while you have time. Have them in the closet ready to go for your baby’s newborn photo session. If ya need a little help I am always here and we do have gowns in our studio closet.

Have a great week and lets chat again next week…same place?

XXOo, Brandy NicCole

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