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Tips for Your Newborn Baby’s Photo Session

I am sharing tips for your newborn baby’s photo session with NicCole Photography

I usually share this info with my clients in an email and I thought why not share these newborn tips with all new parents? I want you all to have beautiful images of your baby with no regard to wether you have me photograph your child, another photographer or you choose to do it yourself. Lets get started……..

newborn baby girl asleep with bear

When your preparing your newborn for their newborn portrait session one of the things I like to remind parents is……..When do you sleep best?

A- I am warm

B- I have a full tummy

C- I feel comfy and secure in my bed.

How does this translate for your baby? Prior to your newborn photo shoot make sure baby has a full tummy. Unwrap them from that warm blanket, tickle their toes, tickle their back. Get them awake and get them to nurse or take a bottle.

Once baby has a full tummy we want them to be nice and snuggly warm. In the studio this is were I wrap them and get them nice and comfy, ready for portraits. Turn on some white noise. Their are several white noise apps available in the App Store.

Next….here’s the BIG one……RELAX, yes you mom or dad…relax. Babies like us, can feel mommy and daddy vibes. Here in the studio you can feel comfortable that your child’s safety is first. Sit back and watch the magic. Some of my repeat moms have actual caught a little cat nap on our studio bed while we work with babe. That may have been the ultimate compliment for mom to feel comfortable enough to also sleep 🙂

newborn twin brothers asleep-Charlotte child Photographer

One thing I do suggest….if you decide to do your newborn baby’s portrait session at home, don’t try any of the professional shots were baby is hanging from a tree branch etc. This is a “DUH” thought…..but I feel like I need to say, “Those images are composites.” There is always someone holding that baby that is later edited out in photoshop.

If you would like to have those fine art images give me a shout I am happy to create those images for you.

fine art image of newborn curled up in round bowl

I hope these tips will help you have your little prepared for their very first photo session. If you decide you would like to schedule a studio session by all means reach out and lets get that scheduled. You can reach me at or at the bottom of this page.

~B NicCole

A quick side note to all the fun is we have moved into the new Loft here at Fiery Knoll. I am excited to share it with you guys through a blog post coming soon. You will also be able to take a tour through our new farm house in a Farm + Family post.

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