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This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy Stayed Home

This little piggy stayed home is our 2023 spring mini session for children. Our mini session is scheduled for March 25th. Ginger, the pig is not only a photography model but also has a side hustle over at Zuber Petting Zoo where she helps educate children about animals, has camp and crashes children’s birthday parties as the main event with KB Party rentals.

This little piggy is enjoying a nap while being read to
Children reading a book to their pet pig on the bed.

Spring Mini Session

Wait, I thought NicCole only photographed maternity and newborn portraits. Yep you’re right but, there are several times a year we sprinkle motherhood photography with children only mini sessions. It allows mom to get some fun images of her children and allows parents who aren’t familiar with NicCole Photography to “kick the tires.” Plus we just love animals and children and enjoy getting them wound up and giving them back to you 🙂

Ginger the Pig

Meet this little piggy

This little piggy is a petting zoo animal who is well loved and socialized with children daily. She also warms the hearts of nursing home patients. She enjoys a good belly scratch and is more than happy to lay down and roll over so you can get just the right spot. Her favorite treat is celery. I was surprised that she wasn’t very chatty like most pigs and didn’t squeal during her photoshoot. Napping is her favorite past time.

Cousins fishing for pigs that are on their bed.

Fishing for Pigs

I have always had a wild imagination and once, when I was a child, I won an award for a story I had written, about a pig. It was the dream I had had the night before. The pig in dream was my guide through magical places and of course he could fly.

(LOL…..I really make sure I don’t eat bananas before bed because I am sure they give me weird dreams.)

Anywho…… I decided before these girls got to the studio that I would make them laugh by asking them to “fish for pigs.” It was a great prompt and Ginger enjoyed pretending she was a fish. Children are so fun!

I think our imagination gets dampened as we grow in age. We realize that you can’t float on paper clips, pigs dont have wings, trees really aren’t wise old people who have seen it all, etc…. As an adult alot of the games I play with my clients children are straight from my childhood. Stories I tell them to get a reaction are things I imagined as a child. Letting children call the shots…mostly…typically makes for a great photoshoot.

Children having fun with pet pig in Charlotte studio with child Photographer, Brandy NicCole.

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If you’re interested in having a petting zoo for your child’s bday party, You’ll love the animals at Zuber Petting Zoo. Mention NicCole Photography.

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