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Elevate Your Photography Experience with a Clean Studio

Elevate Your Photography Experience with a Clean Studio

Elevate Your Photography Experience with a clean studio environment. The thing that dampens my creativity is clutter and things not clean. A relaxing environment that’s clean and decluttered. As a dedicated Charlotte maternity photographer, my journey to capturing priceless moments of expecting mothers and newborns is filled with anticipation and joy. However, one crucial element...

Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity photoshoot on the beach

Thinking of capturing your maternity photos in a unique way? Beach photoshoots coupled with a gorgeous sunset is an amazing way to capture your baby bump.

Friends and Family

photography clients become friends and family

When your clients become friends and family. Spending years and multiple photo session working with a family turns them into friends and family! A bonus is planning portrait sessions is a breeze! Brainstorming together you make their portrait session amazing!! Its kinda like vegetable soup the next day…..even better than the first bowl! What makes...

Creative Maternity Photographer

expecting mother lying on side reflection on the floor

Creative maternity photographer featured in Voyager Magazine “You would think the awards and publications for creative maternity photographer would be my proudest moments. I don’t want to downplay those because it is nice to be recognized for your art, but truly it’s the emails and small thank you notes I get from my clients. It’s...

“She is the best maternity photographer we have ever worked with. It was tough to choose three dresses from the large selection of maternity gowns. Having the ability to step outside her Charlotte studio and into the woods was a dream. Brandy NicCole is an AMAZING maternity photographer.”

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