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Preparing Your Newborn for a Photoshoot

Tips for Preparing Your Newborn for a Photoshoot

Charlotte’s top newborn baby photographer offers quick tips for photography success during your baby’s first photoshoot.

Preparing your newborn for a photoshoot begins about two days prior to the session.

how to prepare your newborn for their photoshoot

I am gonna chase a rabbit here for a min. My grandmother’s way of saying, “it may seem I am off topic.” So we have had horses sense our children were little. Have you ever heard that a horse can sense if you’re afraid, anxious etc? It’s true! They will change their behavior based off of the rider. If you’re insecure and unsure about giving the horse a good squeeze to ask him to “walk off” he probably will just stand there. Well mine do that. Horses have their own language between the herd and once you know what they are you can visibly read their cues. Ex: Pinned ears means, I am mad. Relaxed hind leg and a swishy tail means, I am not alarmed about anything. I could sit in the field for hours and watch them except once they realize I am there they come over and wont leave me alone:)

So back to chatting about preparing your newborn for a photoshoot. Please do not read me wrong, I am not comparing your sweet squishy baby to my horses. What I do see is a similar behavior. When parents are relaxed during their child’s session, baby is relaxed. If parents are flustered because they got out of the house late, they are rushing, we forgot the changing pad, dad forgot his shirt etc…baby certainly feels that vibe and will react to those feelings. So first things first, prepare the night before. Pack clothing in the car so you don’t forget anything. If you’re bring along any special props get those in the car early. Make sure you have the studio address and check GPS the night before and plan for traffic delays, road work etc.

newborn at baby photoshoot in bowl

What do we bring to our baby’s photo session?

When you come to the NicCole Photography studio you need baby, diaper bag, any special props and clothing for family. We have newborn clothing, hats, bonnets, wraps, little stuffed bears and lots of baby props so you won’t need anything for baby. I have a great blog post about creating a cohesive look for your home and baby photos If you’re like me and want things to flow seamlessly through my home.

Other things you may wanna bring to the photo session are snacks for you or siblings. Something to occupy younger children, grandma is perfect for this or an iPad :)Newborn sessions can take about 2hrs’

Preparing your baby begins early….

Mothers who are nursing pleeeeze stay away from spicy gassy foods two days prior to coming to the studio. Babies tummies can be super sensitive to what momma is eating.

Okay so the easiest way to remember these tips are thinking about Thanksgiving day dinner. Imagine you have been busy all morning cooking etc and now it’s time to sit down and eat. You get your belly full and that cozy spot by the fireplace or heater is calling your name. I don’t know about you but once I am full I can sleep about anywhere. Your baby is know different!

So before you head out for your session consider keeping baby awake. Baby massages, sponge bath, washing their hair, tickling toes, puppy dog licks whatever just don’t allow them to hover in the saucer and sleep for hrs. Before you leave out go ahead and feel their little tummy up and get them into the car. The ride over will lull them to sleep and once you arrive to studio baby is usually a little limp noodle. Occasionally they may need a little top off when they arrive and thats okay cause it gives your newborn baby photographer a chance to give you the run down on what to expect for the session.

So yeah…just like us on Thanksgiving day 🙂

Last but not least the things in the NicCole Photography studio that parents will order while they are watching me work… not kidding! Heating pad, space heater, baby shusher and white noise machine are all items they will add to a cart and buy if they don’t already have them.

Brandy did our maternity and newborn photos for our newest addition and she did an amazing job and craftsmanship. Brandy does a great job at making your photos look unique and one of a kind!” ~C Valerie

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