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My Favorite Photography Locations

I thought it may be fun to show you guys some of my favorite photography locations. The list grows every day as I watch the light during the day to find the perfect spot.

#1 on my favorite photography locations is:

The horse pasture is my all-time fav spot. The late evning sun peeks through the trees and that yummy light is pure perfection. Photography is all about light. I think thats what can make a great image beyond stunning. Ok so, I realize that horses aren’t everyones jam so lets move onto the next photo location.

My favorite shooting location with NicCole Photography
Mom showed up with a two piece bathing suit and I drapped her in a vintage table cloth and boho pullover. I love the unexpected it gives this image.

#2 of my favorite shooting locations is:

The horse pasture without horses. I just move the horses out to the Otherside 🙂 NOT KIDDING this is how much I love the late evening light up there. In July, I am out there with clients at 8:45 pm for the light.

shooting locations with NicCole Photography-Charlotte g=family photographer
Yall the light streaming on the fall leaves! It just doesn’t get any better than this.

#3 on the list is the growing APPLE ORCHARD.

When my husband and I were looking for a farm to buy and build, my top priority was to have places to invite photography clients to have a memorable experience with their children. Getting amazing family photos is just a side bonus!

The apple trees actually had apples this year. The pear trees were so full the branches just hung nearly ready to snap. Those branches loaded with fruit make for a beautiful natural background.

family fun in the apple orchard near Charlotte nc
Playing old vintage games that I loved as a child is usually big fun for kids today too. This particular game was London Bridge.

#4 on the list of photography locations here at the studio is THE POND and THE ROWBOAT.

My absolute best large purchase for the studio is the little blue boat. If you love the water and a boho feel to things please call me. I am always looking for a reason to go for an evening row. If your not a fan of the water but love thoughts of doing a boat session we can pull it onto the shore or put it in a field.

Rowboat newborn photo session near Lake Wylie NC
We pulled the little row boat onto the shore and let this mom snuggle her newborn baby.

#5 on the location list is the BIG OAK TREE.

Looking at these big giants I wonder what they have seen in their life time.

I can never forget this mom and the windy evening we had for her session. I ask her to just let the wind blow her hair and dress freely and just go with it……….this set of images at the oak tree were her fav. Mine too.

I could ramble on about the shooting areas that I love here at Fiery Knoll but I am going to give a quick list from here.

-The walking paths in the woods

-The little country road

-The creek with large boulders

-The Garden……….the list goes on and on. OH and the actual studio. My goodness, how did that slip my mind? Of course my little rabbit hole as hubs calls it.

OH and one more the gates at the front during Christmas with the gas lanterns and huge natural wreaths with Argo!!! AMAZING!!!

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