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Fine Art Images

Fine Art Images & Composites

Little girls riding large rocking horse
Saturday Evening Post Inspired Piece

Fine art images and composites are 100% eye candy for me! I love them. I call my photography studio my rabbit hole. Remember Alice who fell down the rabbit hole into a different world? My studio allows me the creativity that feeds my soul.

Composite Images

Composite images are not a quick turn around photo. They are a true work of art that take hours of creativity. These images start with a lot of planning. Dissecting the lighting and image in my mind for starts. With out a good foundation a house can not stand and nor can a composited image.

composite image of family in row boat and whale under the water
“God’s Protection”

My imagination is sparked every time I look at one of these fine art images.

So let me tell you some back story on the whale image. While I was editing, I was thinking about how many times God has saved me from danger that I had know idea was there. Stay with me cause my creative brain can run wild ………I kept looking at this family shot and I knew this mother would appreciate the concept and my thought process about God’s protection. So four hrs later this was the finished product. Her children have decided to never get in my row boat again. I did get them in the pool last year for a children’s session I will share that session another day.

“Mingos” an image based off of her obsession with flamingos.
expecting mother in large bird nest

No session is off limits for me? Maternity, child, newborn or family. I am a big bird fan…my children will tell you birds do not feel the same way about me. The above maternity portrait came from my decorating obsession with birds and nest. I grabbed these large wood sticks from the woods. I brought them into the studio and photographed them. Later I added mom into the shot via photoshop. I told you my imagination can wander into the craziest of places.

Dino and Dragon Pieces

Red dragon breathing his breath on tween age girl
little boy fighing t-rex
little boy sitting at foot of a dragon niccole photography

This is a turning into a long post and google may get me for it but I just love these! I am going to post a few more. If your redecorating your child’s bedroom, playroom or reading nook I encourage you to spark their imagination with a fun composite image. The image starts with your child. What do they love? Lets create that in a big way for them.

Me falling down the rabbit hole.

Newborn Fine Art

Fine art images newborn baby photographer
Fine Art Composite images

I gotta stop! You get the idea…..I lov these. You can add one of these onto your session or schedule a session just for a fine art image.

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