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DIY Newborn Photoshoot

DIY Newborn Photoshoot

Even if your planning on using a baby photographer, trying your hand at a diy newborn photoshoot can be fun!

All ya need is baby, a solid colored blanket, a matching baby swaddle and a sturdy table or bed.

diy newborn photoshoot niccole photography
Before we get started let me direct you over to a video I shared when my heart went out to parents who couldn’t get those newborn photos during 2020. There are a lot of good tips and if my memory serves me correctly I think there are also videos to make a quick t-shirt and sleepy hat from a sweater in your closet.

Getting Set Up

Okay, let’s set things up.

1- choose a large window without direct light.

2-prep the area baby will be placed by adding additional blankets under the backdrop.

3-wrap baby in swaddle or handmade wrap w/hat.

4- grab the camera you have and set it within reach.

4- *Important always have a spotter that can protect baby while you take photos.

How to photograph your newborn baby

Start by laying baby on their back and shooting from above them. Roll baby on their side and photography them from a sitting position. If you’re feeling confident you can try nudging baby’s arms under their chin while they lay on their tummy. Laying baby in bowls or baskets flat of their back is another way to add variety to your DIY newborn photoshoot.

Baby safety is the most important part of a newborn baby session and one that Brandy NicCole has taken seriously. She is a Master Newborn Photographer. Why is this important? She has trained extensively in baby safety and shows a talent of creating amazing newborn portraits. Being voted Charlotte’s top newborn baby photographer is great, but your baby’s safety is top priority.

DIY newborn photoshoot

“I was so impressed to see her work with our baby girl! She was so patient with her and and appreciate that greatly. If you are looking for a maternity/newborn/family photographer I would highly recommend her!!!” ~A Rodriguez

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