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Baby Only Sessions

Baby Sessions Allow Me to Capture Beautiful Images of your Baby.

Baby sessions with parents hands in the photo

Baby only sessions are a great way to capture beautiful images of your newborn without parents. Occasionally parents will not want to be photographed during their newborn session. Maybe mom had a tough delivery and getting herself ready and baby was a bit to much. Maybe dad could not make the session. Sometimes parents want to highlight just the baby. I get all of these reasons.

Baby only sessions include 2 props from the studio and parents hands. Parents don’t need to bring anything to the studio except baby and a diaper bag. I like to make things super easy for parents. Heck, they aren’t getting much sleep 🙂 They need a hug just for getting here!

 brother holding newborn baby brother

I also include some bean bag work into my baby only sessions. It’s an added bonus to parent’s hands and props. They are super simple clean images. If you have ever shot with me before you know I love a newborn photo that’s no fuss. You don’t need a lot of extras to have a stunning shot of your baby. I like to make your newborn the star of the image not the props.

baby girl sleeping with ice cream cone
rn baby girl with crown head piece
smiling newborn baby boy in green

Prop Images

A baby image of newborn sleeping in crate with American Flag
baby sleeping in blue wooden heart bowl
baby girl snuggled into a vintage pale with flowers

Oh my goodness babies in buckets. Can there be anything cuter? Who knew we really didn’t need all those fancy gadgets just a basket with some fluff?

Quick Story………(my hubs hates when I say “quick Story.” he says they are NEVER quick. I was born early and my parents were not prepared with a crib. My great grandmother made me a bed out of blankets and a dresser drawer. True story! So all this about babies in wooden boxes being a new thing……..nah I was doing it in the 70’s 🙂 Lawt now I am telling my age….moving on….

Yall call me if ya need a newborn session xxoo

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