Petite Wrapped Newborn Session $550 | 5 Digital Files | 2 Props | 1 Hr includes wraps, headbands and bonnets.

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Baby Only Photoshoot

The Sweet Simplicity of a Baby Only Photoshoot

Lets chat about something truly adorable – a ‘baby-only’ newborn photoshoot. This type of session focuses solely on your little one, capturing their tiny details and precious early moments in a simple, yet profoundly beautiful way.

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Why Choose a Baby Only Photoshoot?

A baby only photoshoot is perfect for families who want a quick, uncomplicated session that still captures all the sweetness of their newborn. These sessions are typically shorter, making them ideal for busy parents or for babies who may be more sensitive to longer periods of stimulation. The focus is entirely on your baby, allowing us to capture the purity and innocence of new life in its entirety.

Cute Newborn Props and Poses

In these sessions, we use a variety of adorable props that are not only cute but also safe and comfortable for your baby. From tiny beds to soft, knitted wraps, each prop is chosen to complement your baby’s delicate features and add an extra touch of charm to the photos.

We also explore a range of classic newborn poses, like the popular ‘froggy pose’, where baby looks like they’re resting their chin on their hands, and the ‘tuck fin’, which shows them curled up cozily. These poses are done with the utmost care and professionalism to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety at all times.

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Capturing the Tiny Details

The beauty of these sessions lies in the attention to detail. We focus on capturing the tiny toes, the curve of their eyelashes, the softness of their hair, and the peaceful expressions they make while sleeping. These are the little things that change so quickly but deserve to be remembered and cherished forever.

Elevate Your Photography Experience with a Clean Studio

A Stress-Free Experience

These sessions are quick and focused. We work in a calm, soothing environment to ensure your baby feels secure and at ease throughout the shoot.

Newborn baby props

A Beautiful Way to Remember

A ‘baby-only’ newborn photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture this fleeting phase in stunning detail. These photos will be a cherished reminder of your baby’s first days and a beautiful representation of the beginning of their life’s journey.

So, if you’re looking for a sweet, simple way to capture images of your baby without the inclusion of family portraits, this is a perfect choice. Let’s create some beautiful memories of your little one that you’ll treasure forever!



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